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Finding the right boxing gloves is like trying to squeeze into shoes that are too small; uncomfortable and, frankly, no fun at all.


But don’t worry, you’re not alone in this fight. 


We understand that everyone’s hands are different and that comfort, fit, and protection should never be compromised.


In this article, we’ll guide you through the best boxing gloves designed specifically for those with larger hands.


Let’s dive in!

How to Know Hand Size for Boxing Gloves?

Generally, gloves range from 8oz to 16oz. To find the perfect fit, consider both your weight and the intended use of the gloves.


For someone who is doing light bag work or mitt training, lighter gloves (8oz – 10oz) are ideal as they allow for speed and precision.


However, if you’re sparring or engaging in heavy bag workouts, heavier gloves (12oz – 16oz) are better as they offer more protection.


To measure your hand size, wrap a fabric measuring tape around the broadest part of your hand (excluding the thumb), and make a note of the measurement in inches.


This measurement can be a helpful indicator when selecting glove size, as some brands offer sizing charts that correlate glove size to hand circumference.


Thus, if you find yourself between sizes, it’s often recommended to choose the larger size to accommodate hand wraps, which will add extra bulk.

Best Boxing Gloves for Big Hands

Best Boxing Gloves for Big Hands

1. Boxing Master

The Boxing Master gloves are like having a loyal partner in the ring; they’re made from top-notch leather, and they’re tough and dependable for your sessions. 


These gloves come in various sizes, from 10 oz to 20 oz, so there’s a fit for everyone; like finding the perfect shoe size.


These gloves have a cool vented center to keep your hands dry. Plus, the Velcro closure ensures they’ll stay snug no matter the punches you throw.


These gloves go up to 20 oz, so even the largest paws are covered. 


While they’re tough cookies made of quality leather, there’s no special mention of extra support for big hands. 


The Boxing Master gloves are a solid choice with their leather quality, size options up to 20 oz, and sweat control abilities.





2. Boxing Prime

The Boxing Prime gloves are tough, comfy, and protective. These gloves are built to last with high-quality cowhide leather. 


The design, created by boxing coach Dr. Pedro Diaz, has a special hinge for better punches and protection.


They have a classic lace-up style for a snug fit and use SpongeX foam padding for knuckle comfort and power.


The gloves stay at the right weight for competitions due to the quick-rebounding padding and moisture-repelling fabric inside.


Even though these gloves have lots of benefits, they might not be best for everyone, especially those with big hands.


It’s important that boxing gloves fit well for comfort and safety. 


These gloves come in different sizes to fit various hand sizes, but it’s not clear how well they suit big hands.


People with larger hands should try them on or look for more size details before buying.


Some users love these gloves for their protection and comfort, mentioning they feel “huge” and offer good cushioning during sparring.


However, the fit around the wrist and the design of the straps are common concerns, especially for boxers with big hands.





3. Boxing Glove Warrior 786

The Boxing Glove Warrior 786 is also a great choice for boxers with large hands. Made from top-notch cowhide leather, these gloves are tough and comfy.


They’re built with a special shield designed by boxing coach Dr. Pedro Diaz for top-notch protection during hits. 


The gloves have a hinge for a perfect punch and to keep your hands safe. Comfort is key with the Warrior 786, thanks to its lace-up style for a snug fit. 


The SpongeX foam padding gives a good knuckle feel and power transfer while keeping the gloves light by repelling moisture. 


This helps boxers throw strong punches without heavy, sweaty gloves. These gloves come in 10 oz to 16 oz sizes and various colors to suit different tastes. 


They’re loved for their appearance, quality materials, and effectiveness in boxing and MMA. Users like how well they support joints and fit different hand sizes.





4. Max-Mex Sparring Glove

The Max-Mex Sparring Glove, created by famous boxing coach Dr. Pedro Diaz, is a top choice for boxers with large hands. These gloves cost $119.99 and are made from real leather for lasting quality.


They have a shiny metallic look that stands out in the gym or ring. Coming in a 16 oz size, they’re great for heavy sparring and are offered in black, green, red, and white.


The long laces ensure a snug fit, important for big hands during intense training.


While these gloves are high-quality and stylish, there are some things to think about for boxers with big hands.


They only come in 16 oz size, which might not suit everyone’s needs. Also, the extra-long laces mean you might spend a bit more time getting them on before training.


Despite these points, these gloves have many benefits. The real leather and design by Dr. Pedro Diaz show their premium quality.


The metallic finish adds style, and the secure fit from the long laces makes sparring comfortable for boxers with big hands.





5. Boxing Glove Warrior 305

The Boxing Glove Warrior 305 is a top-quality boxing glove made for serious boxers. These gloves are strong and durable, perfect for tough training and fights. 


They come in different sizes and colors to suit all boxers. Designed by famous boxing coach Dr. Pedro Diaz, these gloves have a special shell for great protection. 


They have a hinge that helps boxers punch well while staying safe. The gloves have SpongeX foam padding that gives good feedback and power. 


They dry quickly to keep the gloves light during a fight. But, they are lace-up gloves, which may not be as easy as Velcro straps. These high-quality gloves cost $140.00.





How to Choose Boxing Gloves for Big Hands?

You can follow these steps to choose boxing gloves for big hands:

1. Heavier Gloves

Heavier gloves offer more padding and space, ensuring a comfortable fit and providing better protection for your hands and wrists during training or sparring sessions.


Opting for heavier gloves also means a tougher workout, as the added weight increases the effort required in each punch.


It’s essential to find a balance between the glove’s weight and comfort to ensure both safety and effectiveness in your boxing regimen.

2. Brands Known for Larger Fits

When selecting boxing gloves for larger hands, it’s crucial to focus on brands that have a reputation for offering bigger sizes.


Some manufacturers design gloves specifically to accommodate wider or longer hands, ensuring a comfortable fit.


Choosing these brands will help you to find gloves that won’t feel tight or restrictive, allowing your hands to move freely without discomfort.

3. Custom Gloves

Custom gloves are created specifically to fit your unique hand size and shape, providing unmatched comfort and support.


By choosing a customizable pair, you can ensure that the gloves aren’t too tight or loose, reducing the risk of discomfort or injury during training.


Although they might be a bit pricier, the investment is worth it for the perfect fit and enhanced performance they offer.

4. Lace-Up for a Better Fit

A key factor to consider is opting for lace-up gloves, which can significantly enhance the fit. 


The lace-up gloves provide a more customized fit because you can adjust the tightness according to the size and shape of your hands.


This means that if your hands are larger or wider than average, lace-up gloves can be tightly secured to ensure they stay snug and comfortable.


Plus, the better fit also means better support for your wrists, which reduces the risk of injury while you’re throwing punches.

5. Wrist Support

Ensuring your boxing gloves provide proper wrist support is crucial, especially for those with big hands. 


When you punch, your wrist can twist in ways that might cause injury if it’s not supported correctly. Look for gloves with a snug fit around the wrist area. 


They should have straps that you can adjust tightly, so your wrist stays in place and doesn’t move too much. 


This support helps prevent injuries and allows you to punch with more power and confidence.

6. Room for Hand Wraps

This means you need to make sure there’s enough space inside the gloves for your hands when they’re wrapped.


Hand wraps are crucial for protecting your wrists and knuckles when you’re punching. Before you buy the gloves, wrap your hands the way you would for a training session or a fight. 


If the gloves are too tight with the wraps, you might need to look for a bigger size or a different model that offers more space inside.

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