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For most boxers, training or boxing at home is considered a temporary solution. Practice has shown that in order to learn boxing, whether for recreational or competitive purposes, two practitioners are needed: the boxer and the opponent.

For this reason, it is recommended to visit a gym where there is a trainer who can help in the basic steps to learn the technical fundamentals of boxing. This will lead to greater development and comprehensive performance.

But if you want to train at home, I recommend using the following materials:

  • Hand wraps: They are of incredible importance because they protect the hands of boxers. We must remember that due to the usefulness of the hands in this exciting sport and the number of blows that beginner and professional boxers land during training sessions training, hands deserve special care.
  • Jumping rope: This is a favored tool of many boxing practitioners because in addition to helping you warm up, its incredible use favors motor coordination in any sport, and it is also used by many professional boxers for long periods of time to burn calories and lose weight. It is very important for training at home and also in the gym.
  • Boxing gloves: Gloves are the most used instrument by any boxing practitioner. Boxing gloves come in many models and designs; pay special attention to weight and characteristics relative to the intended use. For home training, it is recommended to use Velcro gloves of a weight dependent on the weight of the athlete and their level of training. Velcro gloves are regularly used between 12, 14, and 16 ounces. For professional boxing, gloves must meet requirements approved by the relevant boxing commissions. These gloves must be made from 100% natural or metallic leather; they must be lace-up gloves and weigh exactly 8 or 10 ounces.
  • Punching bags: Taking into account the characteristics of the home— or wherever you plan to do the training— you may consider the possibility of installing one of these training implements according to your needs.

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