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Currently, BOXING FOR WOMEN training has become very widespread and that is something very positive because boxing provides multiple physical and functional benefits to the women who practice it as well as to all practitioners, for example:

Some Physical Benefits offered by the practice of Boxing.

a) Enhances the general physical development of the practitioner, increases muscle mass and improves muscle definition and toning.

b) Enhances the aerobic condition, thus strengthening cardiovascular health.

c) Increases the levels of strength, speed and resistance in the practitioner’s body.

d) Improves coordination, flexibility and mobility in the practitioner.

e) Helps control body weight and prevent sedentary lifestyle and obesity.

f) Improves stability, balance, rhythm, distance and reflexes.

Some Psycho-Functional Benefits offered by the practice of Boxing.

a) Develops volitional processes in children and young practitioners,

b) Improves levels of self-esteem, self-confidence.

c) Helps fight anxiety, depression, releases tension and stress

d) Promotes sleep.

e) It helps to improve interpersonal relationships, improve humor and helps to be more communicative.

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